First of all, 2016 to 19 Honda civic body parts are similar within the different years. Every year the manufacture

changes some of the interior designs. but for most exterior body parts remain the same regardless of

the year depending on the models. To search for used parts for the new shape Honda civic, you can go to, Honda King,

all Japanese engines, Minton and for new parts, it would most naturally Rick case Honda.

Second of all, The demand for parts is greater than it supplies, people from all over the entire world search for parts

for used parts  what ever reason or purposes. they need for used parts is in abundance to the market. another

greater portion of used parts is being sitting in junk yards in American , Canada and many other places all over the world.

Thirdly, after vehicles parts reach end of time durations, they start to break apart, crack, crystalized . you can name it end of life but some

vehicles even though they are damage, there are thousands of parts that is still useful for repairs vehicle can be recycled or reused,

keeping it from landfill and saving resources to get cash back from your own parts.

Furthermore, another portion is being crush for recycling to reduce pollutions by crushing vehicles and making other by products

or re-manufacture and for scrap steel which is valuable commodity. most of environmental control.