First of all, In my {own} opinion there are too much money spending madness is going on in the salvage cars industry  [AUCTIONS]

Both iaai and copart there is some form of method to the madness. Dealers are spending extraordinary way too much for salvage vehicles

it is not making monitory sense. When it comes on to the auctions it is totally ridiculous in high prices. how or what given moment’s do these

car dealers stop to think or even question the run down cost (((((e.g.))) salvage title that turn to a rebuilt car

Purchase   2018 Honda Civic  $8 700.00 buyers fees $650.00 internet $89.00 pullout fee $25.00

Transportation $700.00 Dealer fee $500.00, if the vehicle is not run n drive you need a fork lift. another fee

depends on the damage expect body shop, parts, paint and detail then rebuild inspection. it is a SALVAGE MADNESS!!!

moment the salvage vehicles are running for too much not making sense WAKE UP! Car  dealers. Purchase , Auction fee and then

transportation. we have not mention buying parts, body shop and replacing airbags.

The salvage damage cars, crash cars vehicle running through the auctions, as we know, there is

insurance company, private dealers running the vehicles the through the auctions.

Secondly, I am WARNING all used car dealers, especially all new used car dealers to verify who is

selling the vehicles through the auctions. It is pertinent for us who is spending millions of dollars doing

business with the auctions who don’t protect us under any circumstance. Now!!!! if the seller is a private

dealer running back the vehicle through the auction [LEAVE IT ALONE] Do not buy that vehicle. You can check

the vin # on this site (((((auction.io)))))))) before buying!!!!!

Once the seller is an insurance company, everything is ok, because we know for a fact that the is running in the

original state of damage which is reflective in the picture. (Eg) Gieco, Statefarm, Proggressive, USSA and Ally Financial.

Thirdly,  I do not buy vehicles from some state AUCTIONS like New Jersey, New Burg, New York and Philadelphia and many

more.  I stay away from those auctions because i have negative experience those auctions. I  have bought botched up vehicles

from these auctions. when we received these vehicles with dry wall screw used to hold up headlights and body parts with

broken roc n pinions. The auction will also state that the vehicle runs n drive, lol,lollollollllooooooooool. big jokes.

here the other crazy part, i dont know where these auctions get the managers from they are {{shell brain}} useless

they don’t know how to speak to the customers, on top of that you always have to call CORPORATE] IT TAKES ONE


Lastly, You can pay for a vehicle inspection services they offer for a fee at iaa and at copart you can hire a vehicle inspection report.

In order to make better choices, this is what you have to do, you may pay about $150 to $200 for these reports and you will need to contact them

two to three days prior to the auction date.

This is how you will have to gather adequate information on the vehicle to see the history on the vehicles or to know if that vehicle ran through the auction before.